Volume, 3 Issue 1 & 2, March 2006

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  1. Translation and Indian Literature:Some Reflections -M. Asaduddin
  2. Translating Medieval Orissa1 -Debendra K. Dash, Dipti R. Pattanaik
  3. Translation Practices in Pre-colonial India: Interrogating Stereotypes -V.B.Tharakeswar
  4. Processes and Models of Translation:Cases from Medieval Kannada Literature -T.S. Satyanath
  5. Disputing Borders on the Literary Terrain: Translations and the Making of the Genre of ‘Partition Literature’ -Nikhila H.
  6. Translation and the Indian Tradition:Some Illustrations, Some Insights -Priyadarshi Patnaik
  7. Texts on Translation and Translational Norms in Bengal -Subha Chakraborty Dasgupta
  8. Towards a Theory of Rewriting: Drawing from the Indian Practice -K.M. Sherrif
  9. evisiting the Canon through the Ghazal in English -Chandrani Chatterjee, Milind Malshe
  10. Translation in/and Hindi Literature -Avadhesh Kumar Singh
  11. Translating Gujarati Fiction and Poetry: A Study with Reference to Sundaram’s Works -Hemang Desai
  12. Translation of Bhakti Poetry into English: A Case Study of Narsinh Mehta -Sachin Ketkar
  13. Translating Romantic Sensibility: Narsinhrao Divetiya’s Poetry -Rakesh Desai

Book Review

  1. Locating the ‘missing link’? Not quite Translation and Identity -Michael Cronin Routledge: London and New York, 2006.
  2. Translation review -A TRANSLATION OR A MIS-TRANSLATION? My Story and My Life as an Actress

Guest Editorial