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Publication Policy

Translation Today (TT) follows the standard publishing norms and therefore, invites original and unpublished submissions in the following categories:
Research articles Disciplinary dialogues
Academic interviews Book reviews
Translations Annotated Bibliography


  » seeks a spurt in translation activity.
  » seeks excellence in the translated word.
  » seeks to further the frontiers of Translation Studies.
  » seeks to raise a strong awareness about translation, its possibilities and potentialities, its undoubted place in the history of ideas, and thus help catalyse a groundswell of well-founded ideas about translation among people.


Translation Today welcomes submissions in the following areas (but not limited to):

Annotated and original translations of all literary genres, translated excerpts from novels are accepted where they stand on their own, glossaries in any subject in any language-pair (Indian Languages TO Indian Languages or Indian Languages TO English or English TO Indian Languages), specialties in the translation profession: religious, technical, scientific, legal, commercial, specialities in the interpreting profession: court, conference, medical and community, multimedia, terminology, localization, translation technology: HAMT, translation memory softwares, translation teaching softwares, papers on translation as a category of or a significant dimension of thought, pieces relating translation to society, to culture, to philosophy, to poetics, to aesthetics, to epistemology, to ontology, to movements like feminism, subalternism, to power and so on, translation universals etc., to awarenesses like civilisational space, nationalism, identity, the self, the other and so on, on translation pedagogy, translation curriculum, translation syllabus etc., ethics, status, and future of the profession, translator-related issues, translator studies: legal, copyright issues etc., squibs and discussion notes which are short pieces throwing up an interesting problem or analytical puzzle, reviews of translated texts, dictionaries and softwares, letters to the Editor.
For submissions and queries, please write to:
Project Director,
National Translation Mission,
Central Institute of Indian Languages,
Hunsur road
Mysore 570006.
E-mail: ntmtranslationtoday[at]gmail[DOT]com, cc to: projectdirector[DOT]ntm[at]gmail[DOT]com
Articles submitted for consideration of the Board will have to be in English. Translation Today will seriously consider the possibility of publishing material in Indian languages, or a multilingual edition of the journal in future. There is no size limitation on articles except that they may preferably be within 40K to avoid slow downloading for the electronic version. Articles should, however, be preferably and optimally between 2000 and 3000 words in length for the print-based version. Unpublished contributions will be preferred. While submitting pieces already published elsewhere, the author must mention the fact as well as get permission to reproduce the same. Your initial submission should be in typescript or by e-mail, or in a three and half inch floppy disk. For electronic submissions, use Microsoft Word (6.0) (.doc or .txt) format. Graphics could be in JPEG, GIF, Photoshop or BMP format. Electronic submissions should come in two forms: a) one with the author's name, address, institutional affiliation, contact info and any major academic achievements. b) one which has no trace of the author's identity, ready to be dispatched to the reviewer. All articles should carry a 100-word abstract and a short bio-note.

Style and conventions

The journal prefers LSA style. Diagrams and figures should be suitable for photographic/scanner reproduction. Drawings should be in black font. Lettering should be of draughtsman standard and large enough to remain legible where the figure requires reduction in size. Tables should be typed on separate sheets.

All the contributors from India would receive a complimentary copy (print) of the journal and overseas contributors would receive an e-copy of the journal.

Reviewing System

The Translation Today follows double-blind peer-review policy. At first, the received paper is reviewed by the editors. If the editors find the paper suitable for the journal qualitatively, then the paper is sent to the experts who review the paper based on the guidelines of the Translation Today. The decision of accepting a paper for publication depends on the review report. Please see the Review Response Sheet here.

Publication Fee

The Translation Today does not charge any article processing charges or publication fees. However, the contributors need to pay for additional copies.


Copyrights for the articles/translations/book reviews are retained by the National Translation Mission, Central Institute of Indian Languages, Mysore.


Though all submissions are put on rigorous plagiarism check, the responsibility of originality of content rests with the concerned authors. A paper found with plagiarized content (major or minor) will not be considered for reviewing or publication.

Open Access Policy

For the wider dissemination of knowledge, all published articles of the Translation Today are freely accessible online. The back volumes of the print edition are also available on payment.