Volume 14 Issue 1, 2020

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  2. Editorial
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Translation Today


  1. Assessment of Student Translators' Texts from Nepali into English: Language Quality and Degree of Task Completion - BAL RAM ADHIKARI
  2. Dialectal Peculiarities of Indian Text and Context in Translation Practice: A Critique - DEEPA KUMAWAT, B. K. ANJANA
  3. Translating Drama: An Interpretation, an Investigation - G. SATYA GIRISH, K. RAJYARAMA
  4. From Little Tradition to Great Tradition: Canonising Aithihyamala - NIVEA THOMAS K, S. ARULMOZI
  5. Translation as ‘Rewriting’: Revisiting Translation Views of Tagore and Lefevere - SUVASH CHANDRA DASGUPTA
  6. Challenges of Translating Classical Tamil Poetry into French: The Tiruppavai as Example - VASUMATHI BADRINATHAN


  1. An Interview with P. P. Giridhar - MANJULAKSHI L.
  2. An Interview with Maya Pandit - UMESH KUMAR

Book Reviews

  1. Untranslatability: Interdisciplinary Perspectives - Reviewed by VINAY S. M.
  2. The Neurocognition of Translation and Interpreting - Reviewed by OBED EBENEZER S
  3. The Wall and the Arcade: Walter Benjamin’s Metaphysics of Translation and its Affiliates - Reviewed by VIVEK KUMAR
  4. Sympathy for the Traitor - Reviewed by RANDHEER KOUR
  5. Kabir, Rahim and Biharilal's Dohas in Translation - Reviewed by RAGINI RAMACHANDRA


  A Pot of Rice and Roasted Rats Jugaad by Prem Kumar Mani in Hindi - Translated by BINDU SINGH

Annotated Bibliographies

  An Annotated Bibliography of Translation Studies Books Published in 2019 – Part II - SUBHA CHAKRABURTTY


  1. Avadhesh Kumar Singh (20th June 1960 - 12th August 2019) - PRATTIPATI MATTHEW
  2. Tutun Mukherjee (17th November 1952 – 7th January 2019) - SAYANTAN MONDAL