Volume 10, Issue 1, 2016

  1. Cover page
  2. Editorial
Translation Today


  1. Self Translation as Auto-Communication: A Cultural Semiotic Approach to Self Translation - Sachin Ketkar
  2. Filching Commonality by Translation of Proverb in Indian Linguistic Scene - Biswanandan Dash
  3. History of English Translations and its Influence on Nepali Literature - Sudesh Manger
  4. Translation as Negotiation: The Making of Telugu Language and Literature - T. Vijay Kumar
  5. Generating Parallel Translation Corpora in Indian Languages: Cultivating Bilingual Texts for Cross Lingual Fertilization - Niladri Sekhar Dash & Arulmozi Selvraj
  6. The Comic Kaleidoscope: Untying the Comic Knots of Bhranti Bilas and The Comedy of Errors beyond Cultural and Generic Boundaries. - Ritushree Sengupta
  7. Feminist Writing In Malayalam Literature- A Historical Perspective - V. Saratchandran Nair
  8. Othappu in Two Tongues - Sreenath V.S
  9. Deciphering the “elite subaltern”: An Analysis of the Translated Life Writings of Malayali Brahmin Women - Divya.N.
  10. An Engagement with the Theatre Translation of Heiner Mueller’s play Verkommenes Ufer Medeamaterial Landschaft Mit Argonauten into Hindi - Arati Kumari
  11. Translation and Nonverbal Communication - Sunetra Sholapurkar
  12. Guidelines for Translators of Knowledge Text - Matthew Prattipati
  13. Literature Without Borders: Mapping Vikram Seth’s Cosmopolitan Sensibility - Divya Pradhan


    Translating Maxim Gorky’s The Mother in Odia - Aditya Kumar Panda


    Lalan’s Songs - Mrinmoy Pramanick