Project Objectives

The key activities of NTM will be
1. Developing Scientific and Technical Terminology in all the 22 Languages of the VIIIth Schedule.
2. Translator Education
  - Running short-term training programmes
- Creating a course for translators as a part of language
- Teaching programme
- Developing specialised courses in translation technology and related areas.
- Fellowship programmes
- Encouraging research projects
3. Information dissemination
4. Promotion and dissemination of good quality translation
5. Promotion of Machine Translation (MT) and Machine Aided Translation (MAT)
  - Between English and Indian languages.
- One Indian language and another Indian language.
- Between Indian languages and major world languages.
6. Creation of high quality translation tools such as dictionaries, thesauri, word-finders, on-line look-ups and the sourcing software for translation, memory, wordnet etc., and also to explore if these facilities of look-up could be made available in newer and wider platforms such as mobile technology.