Indian Universities Database

Indian Universities database is an NTM initiative, aimed to provide information about all the universities and other academic institutions of India. It furnishes information on the courses taught in those universities, the syllabi and the reading list. Here one may also find the web-address of the institutes listed. At present the database has the details of 155 Indian Universities accredited by the University Grant Comission (UGC). Information on texts and syllabi of various disciplines taught in these institutes are available in the database. The entire corpus of information also includes digitised list of book titles prescribed in these Universities along with the names of their authors, publishers etc.

The search function in the module would help scholars and academicians to access the latest information on courses and syllabi of any institution of the country. University Boards can review the course details and syllabi structure of other universities before revising their curriculum which may help in creating parity among universities of rural and urban regions. NTM, in future, may release the database in CDs and other portable media, including a print version to increase its availability to all who are interested.