Certification and Training of Translators

One of the strategies of NTM for establishing translation as an industry in the country, as mentioned in the Detailed Project Report, is the certification of translators. NTM believes that this would bring greater visibility to the translator.

NTM is maintaining the National Register of Translators where over 5000 translators have enrolled. NTM has organized many orientation programmes for translators in different parts of the country involving experts from different languages and fields and has received feedback from them.

At present, NTM is consulting people/agencies involved in certification and training of translators like the School of Translation Studies and Training, IGNOU, Quality Council of India (QCI) etc. NTM has organized a couple of brainstorming sessions involving teams of experts representing various institutions and agencies regarding the certification program. The modes and ways of certification will be announced soon on the website.

NTM is also planning to develop a translators’ training programme. We are collecting syllabi and course content of the already existing translators’ training programmes both in India and abroad. NTM is also working with experts and various organizations for designing the training programmes. A countrywide training programme will be launched in time to come.