Translation Assignments

NTM publishes translations in Indian languages by collaborating with publishers from across the country. These publishers are either the ones who have copyrights over the selected book or who are there in different regions of India and publish books in Indian languages. NTM works hand in hand with such publishers for marketing and distribution of translated texts as well.

Two tentative modes that the Mission adopts to bring out the translation are: are:

  » The source publishers themselves take up the project and bring out the translation. NTM is partly involved in the process, either by bearing a part of the expenditure or by providing academic expertise.
  » If the source publisher is not interested in translating the text, NTM outsources the translation, publication and distribution to Indian language publishers and the translation is owned exclusively by NTM. The copyright holder of the source text receives a royalty. In case the Indian language publisher is unable to get the book translated, NTM gets the translation done and prepares the Camera Ready Copy (CRC). NTM passes on the Camera Ready Copy (CRC) to the Indian language publisher and the publisher takes the responsibility to print and distribute translated texts.

The latter is known as the turnkey mode of translation assignment.