Management Arrangements


CIIL as the nodal organisation, will set up and operationalise the National Translation Mission. The Director CIIL will be the nodal officer for the implementation of the scheme. The Project Director of the NTM would act as the Member-Secretary of the Project Advisory Committee of the NTM (abbreviated as NTM-PAC).


The structure of the NTM-PAC will be as follows:
  Director, Central Institute of Indian Languages, Mysore Chairperson
  A Nominee of Jt. Secretary (Languages), or Director (Languages), Department of Higher Education, MHRD, Government of India Member
  A Nominee of JS & FA, or IFD (HRD) Member
  Chairman, Commission for Scientific & Technical Terminology (CSTT), New Delhi Member
  Two representatives from different university departments teaching translation Members
  Two representatives from different states (by rotation) – representing the
institutes/academies of such states dealing with languages and translation
  One of the Vice-Chancellors of a language university (by rotation) Member
  Three from among the Booksellers and Publishers Members
  Secretary, Sahitya Akademi Member
  Director, National Book Trust (NBT) Member
  Two representatives from different IITs/NITs/Industrial houses engaged in R&D in the area of Translation Tools/Technologies Members
  Eight Specialists in Translation/representatives from private organizations/corporate houses or private individuals who have interest in translation activities (on rotational basis for two years) Members
  Project Director, National Translation Mission, or in her/his absence, Academic Secretary, CIIL Member Secretary


The membership of the NTM activity in general should be open to all professional as well as amateur translators as well as to all those agencies and individuals interested in the activity of translation. The details of how to register under the NTM could be seen in the web-site elsewhere.


The Project Director of the National Translation Mission will be appointed by a Committee consisting of Joint Secretary (Languages) as the Chair-person, and Director, CIIL as Member-Secretary, with three experts – two from the PAC of the NTM, and one from outside, to be nominated by the Secretary (HE). The Essential and Preferable qualifications in respect of the Project Director are as follows:

(i) The Project Director of NTM will be appointed for a period of 5 years.
(ii) The Project Director, NTM should be ideally below 60 years of age,
(iii) The nominated scholars should ideally be a Doctoral Degree holder in Translation Studies/any Language and Literature discipline (including Comparative Literature)/Linguistics, and / or an eminent scholar in the field of translation.
(iv) Must have a teaching/research experience of at least 15 years,
(v) Publications in Translation Studies/Lexicography as well as
(vi) Evidence of actual published work of translation.

The Project Director, NTM shall report to Director, CIIL, as the latter will be the Nodal Officer of the Mission, with the responsibility to sign appropriate contracts, Intents of Collaboration, MoUs and assignments, for which all ground-work and correspondences will be done by the Project Director. The following shall be the nature of duties of the Project Director, NTM, who shall be

(a) the custodian of the records and publications/e-publications and such other properties of the Institute as the Institute may commit to her/his charge;
(b) to conduct official correspondence on behalf of the authorities of the Institute.
(c) to convene meetings of the NTM PAC as well as Working Groups and various committees under the direction of the Chairperson of PAC;
(d) to keep the minutes of the meetings of these Committees;
(e) to maintain accounts of the NTM;
(f) subject to the powers of the PAC of the NTM, to be responsible for seeing that all moneys are expended on the purposes for which they are granted or allotted;
(g) to frame the budget of the Mission at the beginning of each financial year and forward it through the Director, CIIL to the Ministry for consideration and approval; and,
(h) to exercise such administrative and financial powers as may be assigned to him by the Governing Board.
(i) Notwithstanding anything stated above, the Government of India may, at any time after a Project Director has been selected, remove the incumbent from office on grounds of misconduct.


No permanent posts will be created for the NTM. Requirement of personnel will be met on need basis through short-term contract. Services will outsourced to the maximum extent possible. There would, however, be a total of 65 core project staff – with about one-third of them being located in Delhi office, the remaining being in Mysore. In addition, there would be a number of consultants for specific tasks and with specialization in different Indian languages.

The details of the 65 Core NTM staff are tentatively planned to be as follows:

Sl.No. Head
1. Human Resources (65 in total)
(a) Project Director (1) @ Rs.40,000 plus
(b) Dy. Directors/Professors (4) – one each for Science, Technology & Soc Sc/Hum @ Rs.35,000 – 38,000
(c) Research Officers/Readers (12)– for North India, South India, East India and West India @ Rs.29,000 – 32,000
(d) Junior Research Officers/Sr. Lecturer & Lecturers (12) for four zones and one north-east @ Rs.20,000 – 26,000
(e) Research Associates (5) @ Rs.15,500 – 18,000
(f) Senior Editors/Web-Editors for coordination (5) - each for one zone plus NER @Rs.24,000 – 26,000
(g) Sub-Editors-Print & Web (5) - @Rs.20,000 – 22,000
(h) Administrative Officers (Accts.) (1) @Rs.22,000
(i) Office Superintendent (2)
(j) Senior Project Technicians (4) @Rs.24,000 – 26,000
(k) Junior Project Technicians (10) @Rs.20,000 – 22,000
(l) Data Entry Operators (2) – English/Indian lgs.
(m) Office Personnel – Accounts (2)

Estimated Total Cost during 11th Plan (Variable): Rs. 4,26,53,012


The EFC (and also the PAMD) decided that it was desirable that the Mission be housed in one single building with all its operating units under one single roof, and that no permanent construction of building of NTM could be avoided. It has, therefore been decided to begin functioning from Mysore at the CIIL premises as CIIL is equipped to co-ordinate the mission and has the necessary expertise to launch it. For operational purposes, an office may be hired on rent at Mysore.

However, since NTM will be constantly interacting with concerned Government departments and organisations, corporate houses, IT/software experts, publishing houses, autonomous cultural organisations, experts in Indian and foreign languages etc., and it is likely to have a lot of consultants and experts on its various committees, it has been decided to have a liaison office of the NTM in Delhi, or the National Capital Territory, as Delhi has the maximum number of publishing houses, many experts in IT and different Indian languages, and is the location of many Government of India offices and many autonomous cultural organizations, etc. For the present, a liaison office will begin functioning from a rented building in Delhi.


The need for NTM activities will be felt as long as the need for translation between various languages of literary and knowledge-texts is felt. As knowledge is ever-expanding and new texts get produced continuously, it is difficult to foresee the end of NTM activity in near future.